BA (Hons) Event Management and Marketing (3+0) in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire, UK


This programme is designed for students interested in a career in Marketing, Tourism and the Hospitality industry, where events play an integral part. Students are given the academic and professional underpinnings required to work in this creative, vibrant and dynamic sector.

The pathway prepares students for Event Management in both a national and an international context by exploring theoretical and practical cases from both perspectives. It develops students' expertise and competencies through a variety of learning, teaching and assessment approaches. The curriculum includes practical modules where students can apply their skills and learning to planning and delivering events. This rich combination of theory and practice enables students to address the challenges, problems and issues of this fast-paced industry.

This mixture of academic development and skills-driven competencies provide the students with a strong background in Event Planning and Design, Technical Operations, Risk Management, Product Innovation, Marketing Communication, Strategy and the ability to create the ‘event experience' with a sound marketing strategy.



  • This programme mirrors the entrepreneurial focus of the University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Dedicated industry project module – students are given an opportunity to work on an Employer Project in Year 2. It is embedded into the programme as a credit–earning subject
  • Employer lecturers and projects – Top industry experts are brought into classes as guest lecturers. Students will also have the opportunity to work on real industry projects
  • Senior and experienced industry people will conduct embedded industry workshops. The aim of these workshops is to provide a set of skills that will help graduates provide immediate value as an employee
  • Soft-skills workshop – Industry experts will conduct workshops on articulation, presentation skills and self-confidence, which will be embedded into a credit-earning academic module
  • Resume writing workshop and clinic – Students will be guided in writing good resumes, which will be vetted by senior faculty members
  • Students can spend one semester in the University of Hertfordshire while paying local tuition fees. Interested students can also apply for scholarships
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