BA (Hons) Finance (3+0) in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire, UK


This programme introduces students to the study of financial markets and its institutions. It delves into the workings of financial markets, the management and strategies of corporate financing, portfolio analysis and risk management.

Students who pursue this programme will get a firm foundation for a career in the general field of finance. It is particularly appropriate for those who wish to work with financial institutions like banks, stock broking firms, investment houses or any other large MNCs that has its own financial department. This programme also provides a strong foundation for students who wish to continue their studies at the Master or professional level, like the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme.



  • A comprehensive learning experience with a mix of face-to-face and online learning through Blackboard, with access to course materials and assignments
  • Exposure to real industry projects and practical learning experience via international faculty, overseas guest lecturers and live lecture conferencing
  • Opportunity for students to participate in the Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) and experience different cultures and environments, helping them expand their global perspectives


Career Opportunities

Budget Advisors, Credit Analysts, Investment Planners, Risk Advisors, Personal Financial Analysts, Bankers, Financial Planners

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